December 3, 2020

Be Brilliant App | Free download Be Brilliant App APK

Be Brilliant App download.
Be Brilliant App | Free download Be Brilliant App APK.

Be Brilliant App download from 9apps

Be brilliant is a colourful and very popular buzzing puzzle game of Bees that comes with hundreds of amazing and interesting levels.
In the game play, .

The player is required to explode the world of Beeland and meet the singing bees

There are several exciting combos and lots of fun offered in the game and today millions of people are enjoying the game freely in the Android device because it is too addicted and easy to play.
All you are required to do is match and connect 1 colourful line of bees after another to Unleash combos.
Below mentioned is the list of key features of bee brilliant game app, just have a look- There are total 6 different game modes and more than 1200 addictive levels to play.

You will find different characters in the game like Ms honey

Sting and many others.
Several different game modes namely pop the cheeky spiders web, collect Honey pots and more.

Babees never miss a chance to break into a tune of buzzing barber shop Disco

Dress up in the best way and buzz through the fresh new levels.
Power boosters helps you in a hard level so that you can head over to the challenge more easily.

Be brilliant game app APK download-

Download the Amazing and free game app in your mobile phone and never feel bored ever again.
To give this awesome app a try today, .

Just click on the header or footer options and install it directly from through APK

Review Rating: (144).
Category: Puzzle.
Size: 39.0MB.
Update: 2017-02-05.
Version: 1.37.3.
Offered: Tactile Entertainment.
Installs: 1,014,479 – 5,032,647.

After that search Be Brilliant App >

After that download 39.0MB APK.
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