October 22, 2020

Learn what Apstra can do for you in 55 seconds

Learn what Apstra can do for you in 55 seconds.

Data Center Network Troubleshooting

Find and fix outages fast.
Get the Solution Brief Reduce the Mean-Time-to-Repair Network Outages.
Troubleshooting a data center network typically involves multiple teams, each having a different view of the network and the applications it supports.
As a result, resolving issues can be a box-by-box procedure that increases the length of time it takes to properly identify issues and prolongs network downtime.
Apstra AOS® gives you a consolidated view of network outages that match the intended design, helping to reduce mean-time-to-repair to more quickly identify and resolve network downtime and outages.
Leverage Intent-Based Analytics — a robust set of analytics “probes” — to ask the network complex questions and use the answers for remediation, troubleshooting, or innovation.
Approach network outages with the same, complete view of the network as designed.
Eliminate unknown, manual configurations as causes of outages.
Identify the root-cause of anomalies and their impact on the network and the applications that run on it.
Remediate gaps in network infrastructure for deployed applications.
Stream correlated analytics to external systems for deeper analysis.
Expand the scope of monitoring with a sophisticated probe infrastructure.

Preventing Network Outages and Gray Failures

Intent-Based Analytics enables network architects and operators to create high-level conditions for alerting on any set of telemetry from the network.
Case Study.
Webinar Apstra Intent-Based Analytics: Prevent Network Outages and Gray Failures.

Apstra Intent-Based analytics define conditions for system outages through users” intent

leading to better outcomes and resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.
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