October 26, 2020

Unbroken Errata

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Unbroken Errata.
Unbroken Errata.

A lot of effort went into proofreading all components of Unbroken

but even with that – some small errors sneak in.
This page will provide a list of known inaccuracies and clarifications of intended content.
We hope it will be sparsely populated and will aim to fix these in future print runs.
Travel Phase Reference Guide – Hunger Step Typo – “You may spend Small Effort” should read “You may spend Food” instead.

Shadow Skill Card mistakenly refers to Scout as a General Action

That is incorrect, .

As Scout is a Travel Action and cannot be performed outside of Travel Phase

Inventive Skill Card refers to the “Planning” General Action

It is meant to refer to the “Plan” General Action found on the Actions Guide sheet

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