November 28, 2020

Now you can successfully running whatsapp in the PC

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Whatsapp Web Download: The Unlimate Guide

By – 0 Are you looking for the whatsapp web download.
so you came here on the right place because here we provide you the best ultimate guide downloading of whatsapp web and also how to running in your pc.
Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger applications and everyone running whatsapp in their devices and become more popular WhatsApp also launched the WhatsApp web.

It is provides you the WhatsApp running facility on your PC (Laptop

Desktop e.t.c.) that’s means now you can also run WhatsApp in your PC and it is one of the great thing do by the company.
I am also struggle before launching the whatsapp web because some of our work only done by the PC and WhatsApp was can’t running in the PC.
But now company resolve our problem to launching the official version of web.
Today here we told you the perfect guide of Whatsapp Web Download and also running in the PC.
I know here you came to downloading the whatsapp web but the truth is WhatsApp can’t launched the PC application but they add the running feature in their official website.

That’s means you can running Whatsapp easily by visiting on Whatsapp web

Some of our visitors is newbie and they doesn’t know of running the whatsapp but you don’t worry we will told you the full step by step guide.
So now let’s begin and see the full guide of running guide.
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How To Run WhatsApp Web In PC?.

Before I am started to told you the full guide of Whatsapp Web Download

You have these following things.
Active WhatsApp In Mobile.
Internet Connection.
If you have these all following things so you can easily running whatsapp in the pc but If you don’t have these things so please adjust this because without these things yoh can’t run whatsapp in your PC.
Step.1: First of install the WhatsApp in your device and If you already have whatsapp so open your whatsapp by click on the icon.
Now, It’s successfully open in your device.
Step.2: As you can see on the images, It is two image and we combine these images into one so first of all click on the three dot icon.
After press they will show you the second image screen so now press on the “WhatsApp Web” tab.
Now, It is asked you to scan the scan bar of your desktop so wait I’ll tell you the full scaning guide.
If you are using this first time so it is show you directly scaning screen.

Open your PC then any browser (Chrome

Mozilla Firefox).
After opening the browser type the in the browser address bar and press enter.
After visiting the website they show you the QR Code so come back into mobile device and scan this QR Code by using your mobile.
Congratulations, Now you can successfully running whatsapp in the PC.
(Note: Do not close your mobile device WhatsApp wanna your PC whatsapp will be automatically logout and you need to restart this process once again If you running in PC.) I hope you like our article whatsapp web download guide and running so If you like our article so please also share on social media and don’t forget to subscribe our blog via Email for getting more stuff like this.
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