November 28, 2020

Samurai Jack: A Battle Through Time…


Best Friend Forever takes you into a world of dogs

Deep Vents is a small box game that delivers a big bite of value

She Sees Red — Better dead than red

Hellpoint — Imitation Game.

Customise your phone with Skinzilla


Seven years on from the release of Rogue Legacy it has a sequel

As Rogue Legacy 2 launches into Early Access it”s time to find out if the developers can strike gold twice within a genre that they helped define.
I”ve been thinking about….

Little Town Hero has one of the (if not the most) complex battle systems around today

It’s not a pick up and play sort of game and many Pokemon players drawn to Game Freak’s new RPG will likely walk away due to both difficulty and….

Paradox Interactive”s long-awaited

medieval grand-strategy sequel is upon us.
With Crusader Kings III the developer”s face a challenge; how do they successfully build on a game which ran for 8 years and featured over a dozen expansion….

Colony Siege mixes tower defence with bits of other genres such as real-time strategy

We have been playing it.
In Zoo Run, children of all ages will work cooperatively and competitively to help a group of animals escape from the zoo.
The cute visuals will draw in younger players whilst their older family members laugh and joke alongside them.….
The titular Drakes are less dragon in appearance and more vegetable (being based on Mandrake roots) and have a Tamagotchi-like dynamic to them.

That”s what Drake Hollow is built around

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call is quite a mouthful — and at first glance

the box appears to be as large as the title.
This is one of those huge box thematic games that results from a large Kickstarter, and even though the review copy….
Have you ever felt like you could have done a better job than the people who made Jurassic Park but don’t have the serious dedication to clone dinosaurs from DNA.
Well, now you can prove it to all your friends in Parkasaurs.
The bright, utopian veneer presented by Union City quickly fades as you dig deeper into some of the narrative.
Underneath it, the Council starts to come off as a big brother, almost totalitarian threat hiding beneath the surface dispensing….
It’s kind of known now that my time consuming media as a child was both limited and observed.

I was not allowed to watch Samurai Jack — probably due to Aku looking like a demon

or the amount of violence.
Samurai Jack: A Battle Through Time….
Surviving in the cradle of civilisation, or trying your very best to not screw up evolution for everyone.
As (just about) the main tabletop reviewer here, my attention is often more on paper and card than it is on digital games.
When a video game chooses to root itself firmly in board game mechanics however, my interest is always piqued.
With its power-punk rock duo setup, No Straight Roads comes out of left field with an amazing blend of action, music, and platforming to create a stunning game that will keep your toes tapping along to the violence of bashing robots to the….
Just as I think that  there are enough arena fighting games, then someone brings a style I just can’t say no to, a theme that I just want to try, and Boomerang Fu was suddenly downloading, waiting to be played.
The first thing I love about….
Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best — especially when you take the most basic concept and layer in just a few new ideas to keep things interesting.
With Twin It!, players will feel immediately familiar thanks to similarities with….
Whilst Little Battle is a title that might suggest a fair bit of conflict, this small box kids game from Loki is actually something very different.
Yes, you’ll be competing directly with each other, but the anamorphic-pirate theme and the… Devil’s Hunt — A flashy but empty vessel.
Aug 20, 2020 Even if the combat were fully functional, there would be little narrative incentive to pick this game up again after setting it down.
The importance of a great looking watch cannot be understated.
You could easily take your look from casual to professional with a blazer and a beautiful watch.
However, if you have an Apple Watch, it can be difficult to find the right… X-Communicated — 1971 Project Helios is not the tactical combat game you’re….
Aug 19, 2020 With some really stellar tactical action games already out on Nintendo’s Switch console, 1971 Project Helios was always going to need to find some way to differentiate itself.
At face value it might appear to do just that, with an….
Now I’ve played quite a few roguelikes/roguelites at this point, and it’s fair to say that I’m a bit worn out on the whole genre.
With so many vying for attention and little done to stand out, it can often feel like I’m playing the same… Loading.

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