November 28, 2020

Applications RAIN RFID portal for logistic

NEW Proton – R4320P.
Industrial 4-port RAIN RFID Long Range Reader Features RAIN (UHF EPC Class1 Gen 2 ISO 18000-63) Compliant.
Multiregional support.

Four 50 Ohm TNC-RP antenna connectors

Power over Ethernet interface.
Up to 31.5 dBm (1.4 W) output power.
Internal scripting engine.
IP65 in compact form factor.
M12 industrial connectors.
Development Kit available.
Applications RAIN RFID portal for logistic.
Industrial automation reading points.
RAIN RFID tunnels.
Access control reading points.
Request a quote Overview The Proton (Model R4320P) is a rugged long range RAIN RFID reader of the easy2read© product line, well suited for industrial environment installations.
The Proton reader has 4 antenna ports capable of a 31.5 dBm maximum power enabling to build RAIN RFID portals for logistic.
Its compact form factor makes it easy to install and the IP65 protection permits outdoor or harsh environment installations.
Featuring Power Over Ethernet, RS232 and GPIOs via industry standard M12 connectors the Proton is an ideal choice for industrial automation and Industry 4.0 solutions.
The Proton is based upon an embedded Linux platform and it’s easily configurable using an internal web interface.

System integrators can customize the behavior of the reader installing Java code that

having access to all the RFID features and interfaces, permits a full customization.
The Proton reader complies with and can operate in both European and US regulatory environments and, due to its multiregional capabilities, it’s ideal for integration in devices requiring compliance to different geographical regions.
Ordering options.
Frequency Range 865.600÷867.600 MHz (ETSI EN 302 208 v3.1.1) 902÷928 MHz (FCC part 15.247) RF Power Up to 31.5 dBm (1.4W) conducted (ETSI) Up to 30 dBm (1W) conducted (FCC) Number of Channels 4 channels (compliant to ETSI EN 302 208 v3.1.1) 50 hopping channels (compliant to FCC part 15.247) Standard Compliance EPC C1 G2 / ISO18000-63 CPU ARM9 @ 400Mhz on Atmel AT91SAM9G25 Operating system Linux Receiving Capability Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode Management Data rate up to 400 Kb/s Connectivity RS232 Serial Communication (M12 connector) Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T (M12 connector) PoE standard IEEE 802.3af Digital I/O M12 connector 2 digital inputs optically isolated 2 solid state photorelay outputs optically isolated (500mA max) Antenna Connectors 4 TNC Reverse Polarity Power Supply.
Easy Controller Software Technical Information Manual – Size: 1.43 MB Revision : 4 4 easy2read Protocol Technical Information Manual – Size: 870.59 kB Revision : 19 19.
Name Environment OS-Version EASY Controller Windows version – Size: 5.02 MB Environment :.
Net OS-Version : 10/7/8/Vista/XP 10/7/8/Vista/XP Revision : 1.8.0 1.8.0 CAEN RFID SDK – Size: 1.98 MB Environment :.
Net,Android,C,C++,Java OS-Version : 10/7/8/Vista/x64bit 7/x64bit Vista/x64bit XP/XP 10/7/8/Vista/x64bit 7/x64bit Vista/x64bit XP/XP Revision : 4.7.0 4.7.0 R4320P Proton Upgrade tool – Size: 3.16 MB.
R4320P Proton Data Sheet – Size: 843.17 kB Certifications.
R4320P Proton CE Declaration of Conformity – Size: 333.74 kB R4320P Proton FCC Grant – Size: 434.67 kB Catalog.
CAEN RFID Products Catalog 2020 – Size: 3.48 MB WR4320PXAAAA R4320P Proton – Industrial 4-port Long Range RAIN RFID Reader WR4320PXDKEU Proton – ETSI Dev Kit with antenna,cable, power supply, Eth.
cable and tags (reader not included) WR4320PXDKUS Proton – FCC Dev Kit with antenna, cable, power supply, Eth.
cable and tags (reader not included) Related products WALIM0000006.
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