November 28, 2020

All Sessions by Yasaman Farazan

Yasaman Farazan.
Independent Game Developer Yasaman is an independent game developer from Iran.
After finishing her bachelor’s study in Industrial Design at the University of Tehran she is now studying Bachelor of Game Development at the Cologne Game Lab in Germany.
Her passion for game development has a long history.
She started pursuing game development professionally after she entered Iran Game Development Institute as a Game Designer in 2013.
From then on she worked at different positions in different small game development teams.

On free to play mobile games or small PC games

made for game jams or as student projects.
She has experienced animating and designing UI and UX for games and especially game design and gameplay programming in her carriers.
She has always been eager to experience new and wild ideas in games.

Yasaman is currently working on the Beatheaven AR game project for WDR with her teammates

Sadegh Boroomand and Keyvan Akbari.
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All Sessions by Yasaman Farazan.

11:45 Mid-Mortem Interview: Beethoven – Follow the Music

11:45  – 12:15 “Beethoven – Follow the Music” is an AR game in which you trace the melodies of various Beethoven pieces through the movements of your phone.

After winning the Beethoven-themed Game Jam held at Cologne Game Lab in early 2019

creative director Yasaman Farazan and her team collaborated with Massive Miniteam to further develop the prototype for the public-broadcasting institution WDR.
The full release will be this December on Google Play and the iOS Appstore to celebrate the 250th birthday of Beethoven in 2020.
In this mid-mortem a few weeks before release, producer Milan Pingel will interview Yasaman Farazan about the challenges encountered when developing a game about experiencing classical music.
Together, they will take a deep dive into the design process of the game and elaborate on the iteration of visual feedback mechanisms, tools design and user feedback testing by showing elements and pictures from various stages of the development process.
Questions from the audience are very welcome and everyone is invited to try out the game after the talk.
Nov | Game Development Summit: Strange Worlds – About Spatial Experiences in Digital Games.

12:15 Morning Panel

12:15  – 13:00 Panel discussion 20.
Nov | Game Development Summit: Strange Worlds – About Spatial Experiences in Digital Games.
Yasaman Farazan.

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