Sigmund Minisode 2 released

Hi folks, the 2nd Sigmund Minisode is now available as a free DLC. c: It’s similar in length as the 1st one (around 20 min), but it’s a tad more. . . important, plot-wise. Still, if you haven’t played the 1st, I suggest doing that before this one (here). If you own a Steam or […]

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Steam Cards and physical Posters/Prints are now available

Hey guys, just a quick heads up that upon your requests, TtM Steam cards (+ profile backgrounds, badges, and emoticons) are finally up and available. Here’re some samples — Badges: Cards: Profile Backgrounds: and Emoticons:   Furthermore, Alisa Christopher, the artist who created the artworks, has now put up a couple of the artworks for sale […]

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(To the Moon) Holiday Special Minisode

Heya folks. I spent the past month making this Holiday Special for those who enjoyed To the Moon, and I’m happy to say that it’s finally done! Here’s a mini-sode featuring Dr. Watts & Dr. Rosalene. c:    Click here to download it (free)! Alt. Localizations: Deutsch (German) (Also included in the Steam & GoG downloads, […]

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If “To the Moon” were a novel…

TO THE MOON Chapter 1 Knock, knock. No one answered. It was windy atop of the cliff. Especially so, considering it hanged just above the ocean. The sun has long set; a chilly air stream has started to rush in, colliding with the quaint little house that stood near the edge of its suspended platform. […]

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