DDS: Pro Football 2018 out now for PC

Wolverine Studios is proud to announce that Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018 is now available. Brooks Piggott and his team bring you the newest pro football simulation for Windows-PC.
[Contents of this press release has been compiled from the Wolverine Studios blog]
Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018 puts you in control of your favorite pro football franchise. You make the calls as you build your dynasty – build your roster through trades, the draft, and free agency while you help your players improve with custom training options. Watch the action unfold in dramatic 2D fashion where you can take control of the play calling and make the choices that lead your team to victory. Play by yourself against a challenging AI or join an online multiplayer league and see if you have what it takes to outmanage your fellow gamers.
Game day is here coach
Just as the smell of grilled meat and beer suds from the tailgate subsides and the fans have taken their seats, all eyes switch to the field and more importantly what you, the head coach are going to do next.  Have you locked in the right roster?  Have you perfected your scheme? Have you done your homework on your opponent?  They’ve been having a great year so far but will today be the day that your team overpowers them in their own back yard?  We’re about to find out!
“What’s the play coach?”
The game day engine provides a slick and easy to use interface that gives you everything you need to navigate your way through game day.  You take on the role of offensive and defensive coordinators by selecting plays from your playbook and embarking on an epic game of cat and mouse with your opponent.  Just like in real life, calling a pass play against a nickel defense could be fatal, whereas making the decision to run up the gut of a 2-man front when its least expected could get you that vital fist down you need to keep the offense rolling.

Within your playbook, you get to choose the formation and the play, giving you a huge amount of variety.  There are also options at playbook with the team specific playbook or a default option to open your offense up further.  Once you have called your play, sit back and watch it play out on 2D.  Did you make the right call?  Is your rookie wide receiver about to take it to the house or is your quarterback hitting the turf before he can release the ball?  You’ll soon find out.

It’s all about the stats man
The game day screen also shows you a breakdown of stats as the game progresses so you can keep an eye on how your guys are playing.  Clicking on ‘Box Score’ will also a breakdown of team stats and scoring summary for you to analyse.  Maybe next time you’ll give that third string half back a run out instead if number 4 isn’t getting it done.  This is a results business son.

Pulled off a play that had you jumping out of your arm chair and want to see it again? Hit the ‘view replay’ button. Need to wrap this game up quicker?  The ‘CPU finish’ button will get it done for you.  I guess we will really see if you set your team up right now coach.
“The draft went well coach but its time to set the roster”
Getting down to the right 53-man roster can be as challenging as maximizing your draft picks. Cut too many of one position group and you’re one injury away from disaster, carry too many players on offense and maybe you don’t have the personnel to run all your defensive packages. A great roster will be the foundation for a good year, get it wrong….
Pro Football 2018 has a user-friendly roster management screen that helps you make the right decisions. You can manage your current roster, practice squad and injured reserve list all from one place with the ability to click and compare players as you do. There is even a handy position count tool that helps you get the roster composition right.

“Is he going to line up as a running back or a wide receiver, coach?”
Got a guy on the roster that played every snap in college as running back, but as all great coaches do, you saw something in him? You saw his hands were what makes him great, the crispness of his routes out of the back field are like nothing you’ve seen from a running back before, and it was enough for you to trade up in the draft and put your name on the pick. Pro Football 18 gives you the opportunity to change a player’s position on his ‘player card’, so you can maximize his production in your scheme.

“We got one heck of a QB competition going on”
Sick of being asked the same question at press conferences like “Is there a front runner for the QB job?” and “Have you seen enough from him to keep the jersey?”. The answer is simple, its time you set your depth charts. The ‘Depth’ screen allows you to set a master depth chart with a series of drop down menus or if you trust your coaching team you can make use of the ‘AI Set All’ button to speed the process up and adjust from there. Pro Football 2018 is all about choice and customization to help you get the most out of your team. You can even drill down to specific formations in your playbook and adjust your depth chart for those formations. Want a running back that runs hard for your I-form plays but more of a speedy pass catching back for your shotgun plays? Get it done.

“You got the players, they’ve got their roles, but how are you going to play?”
Are you going to be known for aggressive defense, pounding the rock or airing the ball out? Hop into the ‘Strategy’ screen and set your team up to play how you want it to. On the ‘Game Plan’ screen you can set your style, tempo, how your tight ends will play, who your primary read in the passing game is, who is the Mike and what kind of attitude your team will display on the field.

“With the first pick in the 2018 draft…”
It’s a day sports fans and collegiate athletes circle on their calendars and await with excitement and anticipation; as general managers and coaching teams assemble in the war room to decide who will be the next budding superstar to join the franchise. With so many choices, getting it right can propel the franchise to success overnight; getting it wrong can lead to the unemployment line. Rarely is there a tougher choice to be made, and now the decision is yours!
Pro Football 2018 features an all new draft presentation allowing you to immerse yourself in the draft day experience taking control of shaping your own franchise.

Take control of your war room!
Once the draft has started you can enter your war room and browse through all the eligible players; checking stats, traits, history and comparing them with other prospects to build your own draft list. As the picks fly in you monitor your list in the hope that the ‘your guy’ is still available when it’s your pick. Then you welcome him to the franchise, give your virtual team a virtual high five, and focus on your next pick.

You have the choice to watch the draft play out in full or, safe in the knowledge your prospect list is settled, you can opt to skip the CPU picks until it’s your turn again.  There is even an option to set your list and let the draft play out in full sim mode, just make sure you set your player order right before you do to avoid any unexpected surprises!  And as the draft draws to a close you can sit back and bask in the glory of your triumphant day by recapping the draft in its entirety, or by team.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors’ picks; always be game planning!

Build that roster!
Just as you finish that cold celebratory beer, it’s time to hunt for the real gems in free agency. You now have the opportunity to bid for the best undrafted talent in the nation; you decide how much they are worth to your franchise, but get it right or someone else may be reaping the benefits of the next overlooked Hall of Famer!

DDS: Pro Football 2018 is ready – game day is here and now you are able to build your dynasty.
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