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Root of the Property List Levels Overview Items

Documentation for the Role Playing Games Starter Kit

Features Overview…                    Create a classic style top-down RPG game (think Zelda) with ZERO  programming  required.

Design and animate levels visually in Xcode
Set simple options in a Property List file to define how the level works
Use Xcode’s new tile map option to “paint” levels

Create enemies, pick-up items, portals and much more with the property list.
Level up players with XP, and change player art when they’ve achieved certain levels.
Collect unlimited items to pass levels (for example, find 5 keys to open a portal).

Inventory items can be added to the GUI to remind players what they’ve collected

Entering levels can clear out inventory, or reward players with new inventory, new character art/options or weapons.
Define save points and let players continue by choosing map style entry points.
Players can collect different projectile weapons and ammo.
Play  video  on “cut scenes” between levels.

Start Reading the Documentation Now

Kit Overview.
Important Notes.
Root of the Property List    Levels Overview      Items.
Tile Maps.
Non Player Characters.
The Clear Array.
Class (Player Properties).
Menu Scene Properties.

Video Tutorials    First Timers to Xcode – Importing Assets & More Basics
How to Setup Tile Maps in Xcode
How to Save Actions to an SKS file in Xcode
How to Add Custom Fonts to Xcode
How to Batch Resize Images in Photoshop

How to Add Enemies – Example 1.

How to Add Tougher Enemies Example 2 – Video Tutorial

How to Add  New Project ile Weapons.
How to Add Rewardable Items, Portals, Unlockable Chests and More.
Setting up the GUI.
Collecting, storing, using Inventory.
How to Create Dimly-Lit Dungeons.
How to Create Menus and Cut-Scenes.
How to Add Various Player Classes.
How to Add In-App Purchasing.
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