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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Management

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Distrust and caution are the parents of security … Benjamin Franklin  Citadel  Information  Group, based in Los Angeles, CA, provides information security management services to businesses and the not-for-profit community.
Founded in 2002 by Stan Stahl, Ph.
D., and Kimberly Pease, CISSP, our mission is to deliver  Information  Peace of Mind ® to our clients.
We provide CISO-for-Rent, Virtual-CISO, and other  information security  management services.
We combine subject matter expertise , management proficiency , and, above all, leadership talent  in helping an organization adapt to the new reality of cybercrime … and all the other cyber risks facing our  information -dependent organizations.
Whether clients hire us for a specific project or they ask us to manage their  information  security management function, our North Star is always the same: How can we most effectively assist this client integrate this new reality of cyber risk into their culture.
How do we assist them go beyond simply managing security to adapting the culture to be  cybersecurity -sensitive.
How do we assist them turn the necessity of  cybersecurity  into a more productive, more sustainable reality.
This is the commitment we bring to all of  our services .
Chief  Information  Security Officer (CISO) Management.
Board & C-Suite Governance.

Security Management of the IT Network

Secure Application Development.
Security Education and Culture.

Incident Response and Business Continuity (IR/BCP)
Information Security Management Reviews and Assessments
Technical Vulnerability Reviews and Assessments
Citadel’s commitment to excellence has been documented time after time
Our people are exceptionally talented

We are creative problem-solvers.
We play well with others.
And client-service is our absolute number one priority.

Stahl talks about Citadel Information Group: From the boardroom to the firewall

https://citadel-information.com/wp-content/uploads/StanDescribesCIG.mp3   Understanding the Unique Challenges of Middle-Market Organizations.
We have extensive middle-market operations and consulting experience so we know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.
Citadel principals have served as Chief Operating Officer and as Chief Information Officer.

Other Citadel Senior Staff have also had executive experience

This means we understand the management constraints and “mind-sets” that can challenge getting information security “just right.” Our security management recommendations are tailor-made to fit a client’s business model so that the organization can meet its information security responsibilities within its budgetary constraints, its own unique culture, and its other business realities.

Information Security Best Practices

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience interpreting and advising our clients on industry standards such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001/27002, HIPAA, GLB, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
Clients also benefit from the information security expertise Citadel principals developed securing teleconferencing at the White House, databases inside Cheyenne Mountain and the communications network controlling our nuclear weapons arsenal.
And, of course, staff have attained globally recognized information security certifications including the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation.
Full Service.
We don’t stop at assessments.
We have the capability and capacity to assist clients implement information security policies, provide awareness training to staff, and, more generally, design and implement action-focused information security improvement programs designed to cost-effectively bring their information security practices in-line with their needs.
If it has to do with information security management, we do it.
Community Leadership.
We believe in giving back to the information security community.
We also believe our clients benefit from our extensive involvement in the information security community.
It helps us stay sharp and cutting-edge.
That’s why Citadel principals—along with other Senior Staff—are active in the information security community, why we give information security talks and lectures, and why we regularly publish papers on information security, with attorneys and other cross-disciplinary colleagues.
It’s why Dr.
Stahl, our co-founder and President, founded the nonprofit SecureTheVillage when most people his age are contemplating retirement.
Keynotes and Communication.
Citadel principals offer engaging presentations on meeting the challenges of cybersecurity.
We are knowledgeable, articulate, high-energy speakers with the rare gift of being able to describe the complexities of information systems security in a way that makes sense to real-world non-technical business professionals.
Boards of Directors.

Business and Professional Executives

Professional, Civic and Philanthropic Associations.
Other security organizations.
About Us.
When To Call Citadel.
Who We Are.

323 428 0441 [email protected]  Citadel Information Group


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